Friday, October 23, 2009

The Max factor!!

I did it!!! I gound a legal, above board way to get a kitten!

So one bright, crisp morning I was getting ready for class. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was humming my favorite hymn. I went to go get my clothes from my closet to get dressed for the day (my closet is actually just outside my bedroom) and as I open my bedroom door to access my closet….I see a little furry rodent, namely a mouse, scurry in before me. I let out the most obnoxiously girl-ish, high pitched scream- possibly the most annoying sound I’ve ever made, and refused to go anywhere near my closet. That’s right. A mouse commandeered my closet. I told him that if I came home and he’d been sewing me a gown for the ball, all would be forgiven.

That’s not what he was doing.

We’d been having mice problems before that, and they kept getting worse the colder it got. So finally our land lord agreed that the best possible solution was a little furry, purry mouse hunter.
Enter: Max!
I adopted Max, whose original name was Cookie from the MSPCA ( Massachusetts SPCA) . He was 14 weeks when I adopted him back on Sept 28, making him almost 17 weeks now. So a little over 4 months. In the nearly four weeks that I’ve owned him he’s gotten SOOO big!!! But he’s still a little baby. When I took him home and saw him next to a real grown up cat he suddenly looked TINY!!!

Little Max is a little purr box!!! He purrs ALLLLL the time and VERY VERY loudly!!!! For the first few weeks he’s been SUPER mellow. Playful, but pretty chill most of the time. He loves the car and rides in it for hours and hours just lying on the seat and not bugging anyone. The last week he’s gotten rather naughty. I come home from school everyday to find everything I own knocked on the floor. His new favorite game has been throwing his litter EVERYWHERE. It’s…..cute….

Max has big floppy paws that are too big for his body. He has a white chest and all white paws. He likes to sit very tall and proud and errect- he looks very proper and like a little gentleman in a tuxedo and white gloves.

He’s super playful, and loves to hide behind things and jump out and attack your leg when you walk by. He loves to smell my mouth and sticks his whole little tiny head inside my mouth. His head’s getting to big to do that now, but he still tries. He also puts his paws all over my face when I’m holding him facing me.

He can jump SUPER high, particularly if he’s on my bed. He’s a cuddler, and really likes to kick me off my pillow at night.

NOTHING scares him. Doors slamming, balloons popping when he’s playing with them, loud noise...the little punk is totally FEARLESS!!!

He’s also totally intrigued by the kitten in the mirror. He likes to check behind the mirror to see if that’s where the kitten is. Recently I moved my mirror off the ground to sit on my window ledge, and that was REALLY a curve ball- Now the kitten was in the AIR!! Max could only see him when he was on my desk or on my bed! How did that kitten get up there?!!?

Max also loves to attack my big knot of hair- I’ll pull my hair in a big messy bun I’ll be doing homework or watching tv or whatever and suddenly I"ll feel two little paws attacking my bun. He totally declares war on my curls. He’s out for blood. Thank goodness my hair is thick and my bun is pretty big or he’d probably remove my scalp.

Oh…and those mice? He didn’t even have to catch any. Those mice sensed Max, and got the heck out of dodge.I love my little baby Max!!!! Naughty though he may be, I just can’t stay mad at him!!